Essential Flea Prevention Checklist

Essential Flea Prevention Checklist

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This time of year brings warmer weather, more daylight and opportunities to spend playing outdoors with your pet. But with it also comes the dreaded enemy of all pets (and pet owners) – fleas. If you have ever had a bout with fleas, you will do just about anything to prevent them from coming back again.  Contrary to popular belief, a topical solution alone isn’t always enough to deal with the pesky pests. Use this Flea Prevention Checklist to protect your pet and keep the little buggers at bay.

  1. Prevent

Topical products such as collars, traditional spot-on and natural oil based topicals all help prevent fleas. We also carry Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Prevention with the FleasGone Tag. Call or drop by your neighborhood Pet Pros for assistance finding the one that best meets the needs of your pet and your lifestyle.

  1. Reduce

Warm weather is here which means last year’s flea eggs are hatching in your yard right now. Act now and kill them before they reach your pets!

Spread diatomaceous earth in your yard where your pets spend the most time. You can safely use diatomaceous earth in carpeted areas of your home as well – especially resting spots and bedding! Spray kennel areas, patios, or any outside surface with a yard and kennel spray.

  1. Repel

Spritz a little repellent on your buddy before walks and park dates to leave those fleas behind. No hitchhikers allowed in the house! (Note: most topical solutions don’t repel fleas so don’t be afraid to double up!)

  1. Prepare

Always be prepared for the worst when it comes to pests! Stock up on flea shampoo and conditioner and keep bedding spray and diatomaceous earth on hand so you’ll be ready — just in case the little buggers penetrate the perimeter.

And invest in a good flea comb if you don’t already have one – it is the first line of defense against fleas!

Don’t wait until it is too late! Use this Flea Prevention Checklist to help you prep your pet and your home to ward off fleas before they are a problem. You’ll save yourself lots of time and money and your pet lots of scratching – leaving more time for playing and exploring the great outdoors!

Ready to ward off fleas and protect your pet? Drop by your neighborhood Pet Pros for assistance finding what best meets the needs of your pet and your lifestyle.  

Thank you for shopping local!

Note: Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice.