Non-Anesthesia Dental


How do we do it?

First, our holistic veterinarian examines your pet and qualifies him/her to be a good candidate for this procedure. Next, one of our skilled animal hygienists will begin the dental procedure in our mobile veterinary unit. Your pet will be sitting in our lap while we use comforting words & tone, and clean their teeth using the same kind of dental scaler our human dentists use. We then polish with specialized human grade pumice that contains a proprietary all-natural ingredient discouraging the growth of disease-causing microorganisms!

Packages & Prices

Our dental package is $240, which includes scaling, polishing, a gingival treatment after the procedure, and a bottle of Dental ORME. This contains unique natural ingredients which will kill the bad bacteria that cause disease in the mouth, boost the immune system, bind up & eliminate toxins, and help to heal the gum line. Dental ORME kills the disease-causing bacteria that is specific to the mouth, and will not harm the beneficial bacteria that live in the gut!!

Laser Therapy

We recommend Laser Therapy with the dental package. It provides immediate pain relief while decreasing healing time by as much as 50%! Healing the redness of the gums allows them to seal over the tooth again, limiting bacterial growth under the gumline. This is especially helpful inpets with a larger amount of dental tartar, sensitive teeth, gingivitis & periodontal recession. (cost only $35.00)


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dental before and after

Services provided by an accomplished holistic veterinary practitioner.

Dr. Kristen Swanson

Dr. Kristen is an accomplished holistic veterinary practitioner, who identifies and treats the cause of an illness, sometimes before symptoms even develop. She balances her medical techniques with advanced technologies, including Bicom™ biofeedback therapy, laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, & stem cell therapy.

Other Services Provided

Allergy tests/remedies, Vaccine titers/mercury free rabies, Heartworm tests/prevention, & more.

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